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First Shiny announced to spur us to get out there:

The question is when do the increased Horsea spawns end?

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Naw, I want them so I can use those dragon scales I’ve been saving

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I’m guessing 5 pm PDT, which is when GO Fest ends.

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Update on the Global Research Challenge:

Instinct seems to be lagging behind, but that’s just in five hours. If they keep it up, they’ll still make it, but they should still step up. They can’t afford to get complacent. Mystic is surging ahead with Valor close behind. Go Fest players have already reached 20% of the goal, so they should probably step up to be safe.

I doubt these numbers are strictly accurate, so it’s likely they rounded down when they took the numbers initially for the presentation. It’s likely that when they took these numbers, they rounded down to the nearest thousand.

Current projections show that all three teams are on track to complete their goals based on these totals, although GO Fest Players need to surpass 250,000 tasks completed and claimed by 7 pm CDT. Mystic and Valor are WELL on their way to victory (they could potentially surpass the goal by 10 million quests each at this rate) while Instinct could surpass the goal by only 1 million.

NOW, there’s still likely going to be a surge as the United States ends their work day very soon, and Japan is just barely starting their day. I expect to see quite the surge once Japan finishes their day 1. Europe also hasn’t had a full day of quests yet, so they could definitely change things by 9 am PDT tomorrow.


Update as of 5 PM PDT:

Well, Instinct stepped it up.

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As I suspected, Japan really came through. I’m sure Europe helped quite a bit as well and any others in between.

Mystic is already half-way done, and all three teams are WELL beyond the threshold they needed to be at around 9 am PDT today (they needed to be at 3.75 million to break even).

A little off topic, but I heard that shiny abra is a go fest exclusive, but looking forward to catching it when it releases worldwide

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It was there for only 2 hours before the shiny-ness of it disappeared.

New update as of 5 PM PDT


Instinct seems to have fallen very behind. Current projects at their current momentum show them falling short of the goal by the end.

Instinct stepped it up and are 1.3 million away from the goal as of 9 AM PDT. They have until 5 PM PDT to get the remaining amount, and that should be quite doable. Keep it up, Instinct!

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Instinct made it!

Finally. Thought they might not complete their own challenge.


Hopefully they know how close they got to failing and will step it up and keep it up in a few weeks when we have to do this again for the Dortmund GO Fest Challenge in July.

Does anyone know if in adition to the unlocked bonus they will also change the current spawn pool? or will we just be catching tons of “worthless” pokemon such as mr. mime and alolan rattata?

That would depend on if there would be a secondary event going on. My memory is a little rusty for last year, but I think it may be normal spawns. However, these bonuses kick off the same time Kyogre Raids do, so that’s motivation for a lot of players. For me, it’s being able to hatch things quickly and get that stardust.

Sadly, Instinct players only make up 11% of the total population. These numbers should be adjusted when completing Global tasks. Not really fair that Instinct has to complete the same number of tasks as these other two when they make up 45 and 44%, respectively.

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The numbers I got were more that Instinct was made up of 1.7 million members (based on roughly 26% of roughly 6 million ACTIVE players), so adjustment is not necessary. Each member could do 15 quests total throughout the event and would pull well ahead of the goal. Even if the numbers were closer to 1 million, 15 quests done for each member would still clinch the numbers.

Number adjustment isn’t necessary when basic arithmetic shows that the goal is very doable as long as each member puts in a little work, and I MEAN a little. 15 quests over 4 days is about 4 quests a day.

Niantic likely put these numbers together because they found it to be a realistic goal for above average players, so it’s effortless for dedicated players and simply asks average players to step it up just a little bit. After all, last year, the regions of the world completed 5 million quests in less than 24 hours each. Almost every weekend we woke up on Sunday finding out the goals were already met.

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True, or they could just put these numbers out there and at the last minute we “miraculously” come through and complete them when maybe we really didn’t lol. How would we know? Also, I know of at least 3 Instinct players in my local group who have switched out already and I’m sure that reflects a Global trend. We are only being reduced even more in numbers.