Pokemon Go events/updates (SPECULATION ONLY)

Make a calendar like this one to show what events and updates you want to happen!

This is how a calendar looks like:

Dec 10 PVP release
Dec 15 Ice type event starts, delibird returns, Froslass and mamoswine get released, sneasel and swinub get shinies, some new raid bosses
Dec 16 Lapras day for 3 hours (like gengar and legendary birds day)
Dec 22 Ice type event ends
Jan 1 New Gen 4 wave


Lapras day would be GREAT!!!


@UltraInstinct841: I’d go with your calendar all day. lol

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I wish they added Lapras day, it’s one of my favorite Pokemon.


Does anyone want to continue the calendar for jan?

I will

After lots of new things from oct to dec I don’t think we’ll see any events or updates in jan and feb

But for mar here’s my calendar
Mar 1 Grass type event starts
Grass type wave of gen 4
New venusaur, sceptile, meganium clothes
here’s the interesting part: since it’s fall in the south hemisphere, and spring in the northern hemisphere, northern will get double candy, and south will get double stardust

December 31/January 1:Fireworks in game(in the air)

January 6: Lapras day

January 13: Rayquaza day.

January 15-January 22:New gen4 wave


Yes hopefully lapras day

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And West?And East?

Mar 3 Shaymin special research released
Mar 9 Tangrowth day (probably released by then)

I think if rayquaza day happens it should happen later

I’m guessing that we will have another Sinnoh release in mid-January since that’s when they seem to be happening is the middle of the month. Alongside Totodile Community Day, I’m not sure what events we will be looking forward to as I can’t remember how January was for 2018 clearly eventwise. We may see some out-of-leftfield events.

In the longer scope, I do predict that we will have a return of Rayquaza and Groudon next year, but not as a day, but as a two-week event correlating with another event; shinies introduced as well. Rayquaza may return to coincide with the release of Garchomp, and may increase Dragon spawns. Wouldn’t that be something? Groudon may coincide with Earth Day, since it personifies land.

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