Pokémon GO event discord

I made a discord for unofficial Pokémon GO events!
If some of you could join we can test if it works and have fun by completing unofficial Pokémon GO events!
We also have a lvl 40 ranks for the 40s here.
Link: https://discord.gg/Ewnxmtn
(This is a prototype, i just made it and i am experimenting with it)


Can I join

Every join is appreciated(since i got 1 member atm(me))
We will also do a shiny competition for totdile CD

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Tried joining, discord lagging. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:ill try later…getting tired of this iphone >_<

I’m on now

You know, I’ve never actually used Discord for anything. lol

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I know this is my first time on it

I’m on it

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@Pokemon you going to get on it

I can’t

Why? My 11 year old just joined it.

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Need new invite link, make one that doesn’t expire. @ARandomName

Yeah we need you. It’s mostly me and Cup being stupid with each other.

@bobbyjack8 or @cup can post an invite link that doesn’t expire.

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How you do It

No idea how to do that

I think that’s it

I tried to invite members, but it was only letting me ask people from my local Discord.

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The link I put is it I’m good at this