Pokémon GO Earth Day Cleanup on April 22

Has anyone applied here for the Pokémon GO Earth Day Cleanup taking place this Sunday (April 22) ?
If yes, did you received the confirmation email with the specific details for the event ? And when did you receive it?

My family (the 4 of us) did apply on the first day of the announcement of this event, and our beach was not full yet.
We were supposed to receive a confirmation email about 1 week ahead of the event but none of us received anything.
I’m wondering whether this is normal, or did they just not take our application into account…

I can’t attend but this is an amazing way to get people to help out in actually impactful ways. I have always been very proud to call myself a Pokemon fan. Now I am an official Niantic fan. What a cool way to get shit done and make it an actual fun event. More like this please. Trainers making the world a better place

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I love the idea, but this is the first I’ve heard of it. Sounds cool, but there aren’t any close to me. Wish they had put the word out a little better

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