Pokemon Go Draft League

I have been trying to get people in my local raid and trade groups to begin a Pokemon Go Draft League for quite some time now, most people don’t understand the concept or consider it useless. I would want to do it similar to the Leagues for main series Pokemon games, but with regrouped tiers considering Pokemon Go’s noticeable differences and less use for ‘niche’ Pokemon. There would be 8-16 “teams/trainers” and they would compete against each other to see who could be a single 2*/3* raid boss with the fastest time using only their unique Pokemon that they had drafted. This would be like PvP, but add another aspect considering they would need to be unique Pokemon and if someone selects say, Mewtwo, no other players could use Mewtwo in their ‘League Battles’. I know that the VL40 club has something thats official, but there isn’t much to find on it (at least that I have seen). That being said, are there any ideas out there to further improve this small concept to add competition to this game?


It’s a pretty cool idea, although I wonder if the amount of trainers is a little too large. If you’re only allowed to use unique Pokemon for ALL trainers, that’s amounts to 48-96 Pokemon that have to be used. I don’t know if there’s enough viable Pokemon that people can use against certain Raid Bosses that could be viable enough. That might change when Gen 4 is completely released as we have quite a few more viable options coming, but I can see some trainers getting very shorted at what choices they end up having. For instance, let’s say against a Machamp raid, a person is left with only Pidgeot, Swellow, Chimecho, Wobbuffet, Skarmory and Dodrio. They may not be able to finish at all, and then they feel like they were picked last for the team. Not a fun position to be in.

Another problem is incentive. In short, why SHOULD someone participate? Doing solo raid using unusual choices is a fun personal challenge–I’ve done it too–but getting anyone else to do something like that needs some kind of incentive.

It’s not a bad idea on paper, but I think it’s either too soon to make it viable or it’s too difficult to get incentive for participation. Fantasy Leagues have prizes at the end of the season, so something like that gets people to participate.


Cool idea!

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@Arem1771 is right though. the lockout of pokemon to be used is killing it beforehand, and with no incentive but bragging right amonst a few this will never get momentum.

Drop the unique pokemon stuff, and make it unique per trainer. Just to start with

I do like the idea but it needs tweaking