Pókemon Go - Data Usage ?

How much does pokemon go use each month ?

I have just upgraded to 1GB, will this be enough ?

im guessing yes, i have 600 MB and PoGo uses actually low amount of data

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Really depends on how much you play and whether you switch to wifi whenever you can. Although wifi has the major drawback that it drains your battery, even when there’s no wifi connection available, so it’s generally better to leave it turned off entirely when you take your buddy out for a walk.

It depends on where you are playing, how often you play and your network. My gameplay is usually in a suburban area, and on average i use 15mb an hour.

Wouldn’t be enough for me, but it depends how you play

Jan: 498MB
Feb: 588MB
Mrt: 791MB
Apr: 572MB

So yeah its enough, but it doesnt leave much room for other activities.

Just wondering, where did the T in “mrt” come from?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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oh, thats from the dutch version “Maart”. Didnt really look at it, just copied what my phone said. I guess that should have been Mar :sweat_smile:

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In 24 Hours it has used 11MB, is this normal ?
Could any of you clever folk calculate how much this would be per month please ?

That would average out around 320-340MB a month

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Nice one, thanks :sunglasses:

Recently Pokemon Go has used up average 400MB for me, but I play a lot and often don’t remember to put WiFi back on.

Per month

Same here.
Not to mention that I should try to change my whatsapp settings, to only download corny videos when I’m on wifi xD