Pokémon Go crashes when I use my data


So yesterday (2 of June 2018) I re installed Pokémon Go on my new phone (Huawei P10), I went outside and launched the app, it gave me the professor Willow dialogue and the character editor, after this, it showed me the loading screen and then crashes after it stops, I was using my data, so after returning home I try again, it worked! But I was on my WiFi, so I switch to my data and same results, I don’t know what to do, I can’t carry a hotspot with me, because it DOES work with one, I haven’t found any posts with a similar problem, I’d really appreciate if you help me, because I fear niantic may not reply to my email. Thanks!

Your phone up to date?

Well it’s on android 7, it won’t let me update it anymore, although it is a new phone

did anyone find a solution? Im on an s8 plus and wouldnt wifi the app crashes

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