Pokémon go chat app

Hey, does anyone knows a good werking Pokémon go chat app for iOS?
(And is it true that there will be chatsystem in the app Pokémon go?)

Thank you!:heart:

I don’t use social media, so I wish there was a way to talk to local players in the game. I still don’t have any Legendaries because of that.


I do know there was a app called razer go but I think they removed it from the Appstore

Facebook app create a chat group for raids, nests spawns. If you are skilled enough to map, use discord an webhooks to relay. Hope this helps @Pinguinetje


A lot of groups use WhatsApp to communicate too! Just look around Facebook for your local group, ask them what method they use to communicate, and ask to join. I found my group via Facebook and Twitter and we use WhatsApp; this is fairly common for other groups too.