Pokemon GO app logged me out

I was playing pokemon go most of the day and had to turn it off for a bit, and when I go to turn it back on, I find that it logged me out and I can’t for the life of me remember what I used to log back in with, is there anything I can do to help me recover my account in any sort of way? I do believe I used my phone number and also display name to log in but other than that I do not know what to do, it might just be me being an idiot and yeah I’m guessing it’s what it is. Is there anything I can possibly do? Please help!

yes you can say forgot username and forgot password and they will email you

Just hope he/she is using either Google or Facebook login as I find it challenging to recover a PTC account if details is already forgotten.

Lucky I was able to recover 2 of our previous PTC account after losing our Google account.

They were not helpful when the Wife could not remember her Password. She was told there was nothing they could do. Eventually she remembered something it might have been and got lucky.
This was for a Google log in acct.

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Thanks for all the helpful tips guys! Hopefully I’ll have my account back up! I want my shiny rapidash back lol


Make sure to write it down

@Thorend autocorrect :joy:

I understand them on that matter as the login authentication happens Google side, they delegate the login job to Google and just wait for signal if the user info is correct.

However, the actual account resides on their server so that is what I am furious about. They have all the powers to let you have an access to it by linking another login details (the way their multiples login works) so why is it that they cannot help you once you got problem with your Google IDs? Isn’t it that you have registered for their game and not for Google’s application? So they should exert effort to assist you once you really got a problem with your login (independent from game data) account. If their concern is user data security, then perhaps they could verify it from who ever is asking assistance if they are really the legitimate owner of the account, a lot of ways could be used to do that.

So bottom line is, there is something they could do! Unless they really don’t want to do anything about it, and that’s a big disappointment of them. Maybe they think we are not worthy of their effort because they provide it FREE to Play. They would rather just want players to create another account and restart from nothing.

I think it’s in the too hard basket and it’s much easier to say sorry bad luck.

Yes all passwords are written down now in more than one place so if one source is lot All is not lost.