Pokémon GO 5th Anniversary Event


how to get the mystery box




That’s… Cool? Sadly the new cool shiny is mainly found in raids…

Fortunately, it does spawn in the wild, according to Niantic’s article, but I won’t be surprised if it barely spawns.

(Never mind. I left an anguished comment that was based on a flawed memory of what Jump Start research was. I think I was confusing it with a different event from a few years ago that gave new players ways to reach level 20 or higher in a few weeks with tasks that earned HUGE chunks of XP.)

If it does spawn in the wild (as the top of the article mentions), it would help if it were pictured in either the wild spawn group or the special spawn group. I see it only in the 1-star raid group.

(Now a week into the event): Oh, yeah, it does spawn in the wild. It’s spawning all over the place. No wild shinies yet; but lots of Darumaka candy now.

Ooh I’m excited for this event

I want some more shiny meltan
The starters spawning more should be fun too!

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Starters!?! @£?#$€ starters?!?
Worst Event EVER! :-1:

charmander will be great so i can finally get a charizard


I am not going to expect anything from this event. I might like it, I might dislike it.

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Basically an event to farm XL candies for gen 3 starters for future mega evo releases. Shinies are just extras


Really, nothing special, but good way to get things for the future.

The only thing special is to get two regionals I can’t find in another way.

I’m here for that Item Bag expansion though.

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I forgot all about Shiny Meltan :confounded::confounded:
Have done a Box this event. Just haven’t had the time with farming Darumaka

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I opened one box, but it contained just the regular nut dittos

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