Pokemon defending Gyms

Ok so we all know that the daily limit for coins from defending a gym is 50. We also know that the only way to remove a pokemon from defending a gym is to knock it out by attack. This is my aggravation and I will explain potential fixes for it.

I have 3 pokemon defending gyms that have been out there several days. If they all got knocked out at once I would only collect enough coins for a single pokemon defending a gym for like 8.2 hours (or what ever it takes to reach 50 coins). I cant spin those gyms being remote, I cant collect daily/hourly rewards for defending the gym, and I cant even force remove my pokemon to collect the coins or because i need it for a raid.

So here are a couple of ideas I have to fix this:

  1. If pokemon is not knocked out within 24 - give the trainer the ability to swap for another pokemon or remove the pokemon if there is another teammate defending the gym. I know you shouldnt be able to just leave a gym completely undefended because that would cause exploits
  2. Instead of only giving out rewards when a pokemon is kicked out of the gym, give out rewards at a designated interval so leaving them there isnt a complete waste of a pokemon. For the 5 days of my pokemon being at the gym, i would be far less upset if I had been collecting coins this entire time vs only getting the 50 when and if another trainer comes along.
  3. Allow people defending the gyms to spin the gyms remotely. Maybe we only get one item, but if we can give berries to our pokemon remotely, why cant we spin it remotely.

The only two benefits from controlling a gym is getting additional items from spinning it and the coins you get when getting knocked out. Other than that, there is really no point to even put a pokemon in the gym. I think this feature really needs some polish to improve incentive to want to keep your pokemon there. The more incentive there is, the more people will want to attack and such.


Sometimes after I reach my 20 Gym limit I knock a few more down and leave them empty. That way if I get knocked out somewhere else, I can go back to the empty one.

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lol i dont even have 20 gyms within an hours drive of here.

I literally attacked two gyms last night and placed pokemon there which were taken back around 2am my time and by 9 am i lost the other maxing out my coins for the day…well the pokemon thats been defending another gym for about 5 days finally got knocked out and because id already met my limit for “today” i dont get anything for the past 5 days of defending the gym…its soo dumb. I can see where doing this at 20 gyms would be a way to farm easy coins so maybe they would have to drop that limit or just decrease the amount of coin gain, but its dumb that its the only benefit you get and it gets stomped on when it gets capped like that


I have a 60 mile commute to work each way. So I leave early and spread them out between a few towns. On my way home, I just retake the local ones. Sometimes that means I don’t have to hit them again in morning. My off days, I just stay local. The only times I’ve never gotten 50 coins each day was when I was on vacation.

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Yeah the “town” i live in is the county seat for voting and it only has two stops and zero gyms. The closest towns with gyms are in opposite directions. I left one of my pokemon at a gym in one of the biggest cities in the state and without even trying to berry them, theyve been defending it for 6 days now.

From the amount of gas it would cost to drive all the way to these gyms vs the amount of revives/potions it would take to maintain my pokemon… doing what you do would not be economical what so ever lol.

I wish I could apply to have a gym put in at our post office instead of the stop there but we cant do that anymore >_<

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