Pokemon Competitions

Well after gaining back a bit of motivation for the game and community again I and one of my friends were discussing about something that can spice up the common gameplay for everyone.
Now see do you guys get any kind of pre-set objective before starting to play the game other than doing raids and taking down gyms or farming…IMO no…
Now I was thinking that if there was some kind of pokemon raising contest which will happen 4 times a year and participants will have 3 months to raise and power up a specific pokemon decided by the league.
For example say the contest is about raising magikarp everyone tries to catch their best magikarp and raise it all through the 3 months powering it up and doing some easy battles which can be won with it.
At the nearing end of the time period everyone posts the pic of their raised magikarp on their social media profiles with a hashtag like say #pokemoncompetitions and a group of judges pick out the top 10 by scouring the whole internet with those hashtags.
Factors like:

will decide the factor of selection.
After the top 10 are selected we direct them to sign up at a tapatalk group(if you don’t know what tapatalk groups are then google it) and upload a battle video with their pokemon.The 3 best battlers out of the 10 will be selected and they will be landed in the hall of fame.
If you are thinking why i chose tapatalk groups for this, then you should know that it is just perfect for this thing also they offer unlimited uploading storage on their shared cloud.

Now to prevent picture faking or acct. faking or to tackle use of pokemon caught through spoofing I have already thought of how to do all that.
To tackle spoofers we will ask the participants to also post their location info screenshot under their pokemon
and their own location(countrywise OFC not actual location) then to filter spoofed catches out of top 10 we sign them up on tapatalk and use their IP addresses to whois their country and match with the screenshot record.Well there is more to it how im gonna filter spoofed ones out but not gonna discuss it as a whole in the public.And my last word is that im not banning spoofers out of the league but they are gonna have to post a pokemon not caught by spoofing that’s all afterall they too are part of this community…So if you guys think that this is a go i will start investing time into this and will also have to contact Dronpes about the silph badge they can get on their trainer card after winning the league.

very complicated and time tasking but with the right people can work.