Pokemon catch information extended with how you caught it

I just found that pokemon now show the type of pokeball you used to catch te pokemon on the information screen.
What is weird to me is that only pokemon that hatched after the update show the egg icon.
If they were hatched before the update it’ll show a normal pokeball.

Any opinions on this new system and do you guys think they will fix the egg for pokemon that were hatched before?
(I have a pichu where it says that I caught it with a normal pokeball, which is impossible)

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I think they would as its much better. It may come in the next few updates highly possible :wink:

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I think they just don’t have registered the information before, so it’s imposible to show in older catches.

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They did register some stuffs. It shows pokemon I’ve caught with a great or ultra ball. Some are from September last year.
Even the ones that have been caught in the raid bonus challenge show the special ball.


So it’s a wrong thinking by my side… Lo siento