Pokemon bugs in game

Post bugs here. For new and old players. Just as a reference. Oh and it’s 1am so imma go to bed.


good idea.
If this is to work though you should keep editing your post with a summary. That way players don’t have to search this topic and it won’t lose is use.


Network error (2) when attacking a gym after you just did a raid there.
No idea how to get rid of it except to wait an hour or 2.


I get that sometimes even when a raid was not involved. I got hung up one time so I shut the app down and went back in. The person I was with said they could still see me in the gym battle while I was out of the game and vice versa

It’s annoying but does offer some protection of getting a few more hours if your the one in the Gym.
The Error comes up on the 3rd battle all the the time. I’ve found the cool down before it doesn’t happen again is around 3-5min but it will Error on the 3rd one again.

When logging off one account into another the Game doesn’t load up for Play fully. Find this happens nearly every time when I switch the family member accounts between devices to run them on the Go Plus and Gottcha to get ball counts back up.
Sightings are blank and Pokemon wont Spawn.
Shutting down App and restarting loads it correctly next time.


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I was unable to switch between family accounts at all right before friends feature started. So my daughter hadn’t played since she got Mew. My son doesn’t play either except for when he has his phone when I take him to school and when we do raids on my day off. We do trades or open presents on my work days when I get home just to keep friendship bonus going.

A bug is when you enter a raid, wait thirty seconds, and get kicked from the battle and group

Why can’t you log in and out of accounts on same device now?
I have no issues with with either PTC or Google logins. We have 2 PTC and 2 Google Logins in the family.


I haven’t tried since I kept getting soft banned. Couldn’t log in for 30 minutes, then 90 minutes. Not worth it since she doesn’t play much anyway.

I think that might actually be a feature instead of a bug to counteract multi accounting.

My phone has one trainer linked to google and the other linked to PTC. Switching between them is doable; but it generally requires quitting and restarting the game after changing between trainers. For a few weeks in late August / early September it was fixed. But now it’s broken again, and with the popup that harasses us to use AR mode, there’s another switching-trainers penalty (since the popup only comes with the first pokemon you encounter every time you sign in).

Question to @Robdebobrob on the same topic:

But why should multi-accounting be penalized for those who take turns using one device? It’s the ones who don’t have to switch trainers (because they play multiple devices simultaneously) who are getting an unfair advantage. So it seems misguided if Niantic deliberately un-fixed the bug to penalize switching between logins on a single device.

Not in this topic to discuss multi accounting. Im just saying its possible its not a bug.

I sometimes teleport back and fort between my location an somewhere nearby when i go back to Pokémon Go that is still running in the background.

Fair enough. I didn’t mean to challenge you to justify their policy or to imply that you thought it was the right way to approach the matter of multi-accounting; just that you might be able to clue me in to why the company might consider it necessary to add the requirement to quit and restart after switching trainers. Or how they expect that requirement to reduce the number of players who are multi-accounting.

The game says error when the loading Pokeball of death pops up and then disappears when trying to open a gift.

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Error (0) appears when loading up from the login screen. Restart the game and it loads in correctly.

It happen on me too. I just did forced close from my phone setting rather than waiting couple hours.

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