Pokédex gender bug

Looked through my Pokédex and saw that no Pokémon have genders. Help?

I also now can’t see shinies, even though I had a shiny karp

It seems to be a problem of your device, I see them all with gender and with Shinys…

I have that problem with it here some Pokémon only ones I have shiny versions of though let’s report it as a bug Tom Niantic

It’s working ok for me at the moment

if it carries on like that for you though I’d report it.

This is strange. I have this bug for some entries, but not for all. (And shiny version doesn’t seem to be the only factor…).

Paras: genders shown

Parasect: genders hidden

It looks as if genders disappear when you swipe through the Pokédex, whereas they are shown when you click an entry in the overview


Maybe they are trying to implement breeding soon and genders are glitching right now.

Yes you’re right, it’s doing that for me too when I scroll through my Pokédex.

Let’s report it

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Niantic is being sneaky with the new updates a lot lately :slight_smile:

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