Pokedex completion and trading webapp

Hi guys. I just found there is currently a webapp where you can set your pokedex and select the pokemon you need and want to trade, and it will find trainers near you so you can contact them and make the trade.

Is https://mypokemongopokedex.com :slight_smile:

Yeah I developed it myself and just wanted to share it. Hope it will help you to complete your pokedex and have control of it.

Also is still in cointunuous development and other features like lucky or hundo control will be added soon.

Any feedback is welcome.

Kind regards.

Seems like an interesting idea. Not sure if it will attract many people though. I usually trade with people from the communities over here

Yeah, but even for that is useful. If people from your area all use it, as soon as one has something intgeresting that you want you can check it, so you don’t have to bother with the: “show me yours again and i’ll show you mine again so we can see what to trade”. :slight_smile:

I get the idea. But noone really plays for the pokedex anymore. Pokedex hunting was only fun back in 2016-2017.
They only thing i can image people using it for is for regionals. But even then, most players have a community already that can help them out. Heck, I’ll never trade something with someone i don’t personally know just because i don’t want the risk of spoofed shit on my account.
I want to like your app, but i see no real use for it honestly. Maybe for players in real rural areas that have no community whatsoever??


I’m still trying to complete the dex


Usually (except for regionals) pokedex is kinda easy, but catch’em all not so much (i am still missing sunglasses squirtel) and shiny pokedex is a real goal for a lot of people (myself included)

And I think even with your community this webapp can be really useful, as you can check in the app if anyone has something new that you need and you have something they need if it is updated frequently.

I think (and that was my intention) that can have a wide variety of uses, so everybody can use it for their needs :slight_smile:

I like the concept but it serves no use to me at all. If I can’t catch it myself I don’t care for it.
With things locked behind regions and paywalls I let go of wanting to have one of everything a long time ago.


Same for me. I think the idea is cool, (not sure if it will ever work though?) but I am not a fomo player anymore. If I miss out on anything I pretty much don’t give a shit.


Sounds like a cool tool, @deepchu. But not something that I need.

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Sure, lot of people won’t find a real use for them, but, if you need it in a future, there it is to help you :slight_smile:


Added lucky pokedex!! Also filter for lucky pokemons left and lucky cfompletion percentage (total and per region)

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Added hundo control, with hundos left filter and hundo completion percentage (total and pokedex, also per regions)

Good work. But also pointless. There are already apps out there that have all that + everything you can imagine you want for PoGo. The app I use has 22 (!!) checklists alone, event timers, guides, even friendcodes, it has it all.

It’s impressive to make an app, kudos for that, but you’re not bringing something new or needed.
Sorry, but i’m just being honest.


Please point me to one, because i wasn’t able to find something similar and that was the main reason i started to develope it. Best thing i was able to find to take control of shinies was leekduck list.

just a few screenshots from the app i use: Go Field Guide.

And, please, never, I mean never, call somebody Dude because he is not applauding your work… :-1:

I do not need him to applaude my work, i just want true feedback, and he is providing it. Still if the use of dude is unrespectfull, sorry for that and i apologize;


Thanks!! I did not know about that app. Is true that it is super complete but i still think i do not compete with that because 1) it is an app, and i am developing a web, and 2) I am focused on the pokedex completion and this app allows you to make checklist (among a lot of other stuff) but if you want to check your shinies / purified / lucky completion, you need to check several lists and move from several screens while i focus on having that info available as basis.


I do have to say that it looks pretty straightforward. I have tried using one app or website and there it wasn’t the case so that’s a plus. Seems clean

Though something that bothers me slightly is that, when scrolling, this doesn’t change to the correct region when scrolling up/down. That’s my nitpick for now

Hi!. In which device it is not working? I have tested it in several samsung galaxy models and iphone 8, 9 and XS and is working properly in their native browsers and chrome / safari