Pokecoins 50 limit per day is inadequate

How many want 100 Pokecoins in a day?..And 50 Limit should be removed…


I wouln’t be upset if they increased daily coins, but i don’t want it per se.
What i do want concerning coins are 2 other things which IMO are way more important:

  1. the ability to ‘transfer’ non-collected coins to the next day, with a max of 100 coins per 2 days. The same as with raid passes or your telephone subscribtion if you haven’t used up all your minutes or data. 1 day transfer is enough, not like a full week where you can collect all 350 coins in 1 day. Just 1 day, like with raid passes.
  2. a way to see how many coins you can still get for the remainder of the day. This is just to easier track point 1.

Why not just 100 coins per day and why my idea? getting a 100 per day from gyms would become a pain in the ass, Holding 2 gyms for 8 each day? 50 coins can already be hard depending on your area. The ability to skip 1 day (being sick, having other stuff to do) and go double next would be insane, even more for the rural players.

Edit: to explain further with an example: if you don’t do a raid to day, you can do 2 tomorrow. If you don’t collect 50 coins today (no time, back luck keeping gyms), you should be able to get those (remanining) + the 50 for next day all tomorrow. Cap it like raidpasses to 1 day. I much rather have this than more coins per day.
it would really help with the daily chore of gymming.which can be hard, moreso for rural players (i think)

also, bring back stardust for gymming!

I’d much rather see this than more coins…

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Naturally most people will want more if they can get it or have it.
I think if the limit was increased it would not be good for the game and for the smaller time and beginner players.
By changing the Gym system and reducing the reward it removed a lot of the need for some to dominate Gyms like the did previously.

When the reward dropped by half I changed the way those free coins were used in the game. I no longer buy incubators or Lures unless the come in Gift Boxes. All my coin is used for increasing Bag/Storage Space and for Raid Passes.

What I would rather see is some tweaking of the Gyms where they are locked out from battle as soon as the Raid Egg appears and for 1 hour after you’ve battled a Gym and taken it over.

I feel like the following should happen.

A Pokemon gains 50 coins. After this, it gains 1 coin per 20 mins instead of per 10 mins. The final amount of daily coins could be 100 but it would be rarer.

It would be better to have the old coin system back though. The New system is useless when there aren’t enough players to actually defeat the gyms.

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It maybe anything but I want pokecoins +50 per day that’s it :smile:

used to be 100 a day with stardust

i think they should give stardust iswell


Even if they don’t increase the coin limit, they should have other incentives such as stardust or XP for defending gyms. As it is, once you hit fifty you have no reason to battle (unless you want some extra balls for a legendary raid)

Duh! They want you to spend money. Like lots of money. Compared to other mobile games this games prices have been slightly decent. But they could improve alot with a different reward system.

I hate it now that it takes me 3 days to buy an incubator and 4 days to buy storage space. Whatever, I spend enough time playing this game. Not going to spend real world money to buy “coins”.

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I’m relatively new to the game but I think there needs to be more incentive to engage with gyms. yesterday morning I took my dog for a really long walk and took 9 gyms. I also found two already belonging to my team (yellow) so I had 11 of my highest CP Pokemon in gyms before lunch. 9 came back yesterday and 2 this morning. All up, I had Pokemon defending gyms for over 130 hours but all I got for it was 100 coins - not even enough to hatch 3 eggs which I could have done many times over yesterday (I walked almost 22Km). I think that perhaps there should be a limit to how much you can earn from a single stay in a gym, and that perhaps a pokemon’s stay in a gym could expire after some time, to allow new players in. There should be an incentive though to defeat more gyms than just the one or two, and to walk further afield. If it isn’t coins, then maybe there should be a stardust bonus.

So to recap:
coin limit per gym stay - not per day. and or
bigger limit. and or
stardust reward for non-earning gym stays.

When I took the dog for a walk this morning, I didn’t bother turning the app on because I still had 2 Pokemon in gyms and I knew that I already had the 50 coins and that I only had one egg incubating because buying incubators is not worth 3 days of effort.

It’s good that the game is not being entirely skewed in favour of elite players but Niantic has to come up with a way to make continued play worthwhile for those that want to put the time into the game. I’ve only been playing since November last year and I already feel like I’ve reached the limit.

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I have the opposite problem. My gyms take upwards of 2 weeks to fall, but then all do at the same time. So i get 50 coins after 2 weeks of 10 gyms.