Poke balls not spinning

Every once in awhile my poke balls won’t spin when I’m trying to curve them. Usually fixes itself after a little bit but today it’s been an issue the whole day. Anyone know why they won’t curve sometimes and how to fix or prevent it from happening?

Thank you



What phone and operating system? Has it only been since the last update or has this been a long standing problem?

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I have the One+ 7 phone and Android 9 operating system. It’s happened a few times before. But never lasted very long. Just started yesterday, don’t think there was an update. My phone did freeze and reset and balls are still spinning but have to really try to make them spin to actually do it.

Usually I just rotate my finger a couple times and throw but now it’s takes a lot of rotations to get the ball spinning and have to go fast or the ball flys straight.

Any help would be appreciated, this is really frustrating. I even tried uninstalling Pokemon go and reinstalling but did not help.

Not sure if fixed itself or this helped, but a friend’s kid was playing with my phone the other day and installed a few games on it. It created a third swipe screen to put the icons up which was bothering me so I put them all in one folder. Now the poke balls are spinning and curving correctly after this.

Like I said not sure if this helped in some weird way or just a coincidence that it finally starting working again. Just glad they’re back to curving again. :slight_smile:

And spoke too soon. Caught 3 or 4 Pokemon and already not spinning correctly again. :(. This is extremely frustrating.