PoGo bug-reporting bug?

I’ve submitted 2 or 3 bug reports through the game in my 3 years of playing, without a problem. I tried to submit one this morning, and on both the mobile interface AND the desktop web interface, instead of getting a page to enter the bug details, I get a of instructions for reporting bugs on iOS or Android devices. To wit.


Clicking that icon gets this page, though: (like doing a ‘view image’ for that icon)

That presents a perplexing Catch-22 (I’d submit a bug report about this, but the apparent bug seems to be in the bug-reporting system).

[Followup: I made the topic a question, because there are some apps or sites that hide their functionality or content behind containers that get blocked by ad-blockers (as a way to force users to disable ad blockers on their site). Is anybody with an ad blocker NOT losing the bug-reporting function?]