PoGo Battle Party & Main game party

So all my battle parties got deleted with the update so I thought it would be fun to have people help me create some new ones with their suggestions. Also thinking of restarting Pokemon Moon, so maybe people would like to give me suggestions for a team for that?

You cant go to wrong with the following:

1.Fighting Team
6x Machamps with Counter/Dynamic Punch. These will deal with most Raids and Gym clearing. Good for bashing Tyranitar, Blissey, Chansey, Snorlax, Lapras, Rydon.
In the absence of enough Machamps fill with Haryiama with same move set and Mewtwo with Focus Blast

  1. Rock Team
    Priority 1 Tyranitar with Smack Down and Stone Edge then fill with Golems with double Rock Moves. Tyranitar with Bite/Stone Edge can be used if you don’t have the others.

  2. Dark Team
    6x Tyranitar with Bite/Crunch. Great for Ex Raids if Mewtwo does not have Focus Blast. Great for destroying Dragon types.

  3. Water Team
    Kyogres then Gyrados with double water moves. Vaporeon also handy.

  4. Grass Team
    Eggs with double Grass moves than it’s down to Septile and Venasaurs

The ones from 1-3 are the most useful.
4-5 are for specific type exploitation

For tearing up Gyms you could make a team with a mixture but in all honesty The Fighting and dark teams can suffice for anything and everything.

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Moon can be difficult due to trainers having EVs
Primarina, Gengar and Alakazam can do wonders (especially with the Z Moves but you get those later in the game)
Ribombee might be fun to use but I have 0 experience with it, if you have a lot of patience you can even get Salamence very early on
If you fear T-A-Raticate, Crabrawler might be worthy adition (but keep in mind it evolves late)
Toucannon can help with Hala and T-Lurantis

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