Please... No More 7km Eggs

New user here.

I have recently started playing again after nearly a 2 year hiatus.
Most of the updates that have been made to the game since I stopped playing have been amazing! However, there is one that is getting on my goat and that is Alolan Pokémon and 7km eggs.
I understand that you get the 7km eggs from gifts but it annoys me that these only hatch into Alolan forms. I have all the Alolan varieties now and can really no with some standard hatches.
Is there a way to delete your 7km eggs or set something to ensure you no longer get these from gifts?



In the moment the only way is don’t having friends. I’m quite shure in a future they will change these eggs for other gifts, but now and here you can do nothing.


That’s a shame really as it really takes away from the new gifting feature and is likely to prevent people from using it.

I suppose I can maybe ensure my egg storage is full before accepting gifts.

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Open your Gifts when you have 9 Eggs.


Wow. In contrast I’m currently in the mode of pursuing more Alolan eggs every time one hatches. But I can foresee wanting no more of them (like your current mode) in the near future, because there is such a narrow range of species that have Alolan forms (and I’m a little sick of Meowths and Sandshrews by now).

Just keep aware of when eggs are about to hatch, and if you want more Alolan, open gifts after one hatches until you get another. If you don’t want more Alolan, wait to open more gifts until a Pokestop spin has given you another regular one to bring your egg stash back to 9/9.

If that seems unnecessarily tedious, notice that this setup actually gives each player more say about whether to get more Alolan or not than we have over whether to get more Kanto, Johto, or Hoenn. Sounds like it might be a fair tradeoff for the extra effort.


I think that might be the only logical solution available for the time being.

I just hope that they introduce a delete option for eggs in the future, similar to what we have available for items in our bags.

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If you fill your eggs with regular eggs before opening gifts you won’t get the 7 km eggs. If you want alohan form Pokémon then you have a means to get them. It doesn’t make sense for them to change it at this point. From a business prospective it helps them by encouraging paying players to buy the super incubators. From an overall perspective people are a good percentage of the player base still interested in the alohan forms so it’s doubtful they make that change for a while.

It seems doubtful they will give an option to delete eggs. It would be a bit game breaking if you could farm 10 km eggs by spinning stops and deleting all the 2km or 5km eggs.


“It seems doubtful they will give an option to delete eggs. It would be a bit game breaking if you could farm 10 km eggs by spinning stops and deleting all the 2km or 5km eggs”

I don’t agree with this really as those who then wish to farm 10km eggs still have to walk 90km to hatch them all while those happy with 2km or 5km eggs will only need to walk 18km or 45km respectively.

Your assumption is based on players only hatching one at a time but regardless of how many you are hatching simultaneously distance still ends up being less. For sake of arguement assume an even distribution of eggs so 1/3 of eggs received are 10 km eggs you would be walking An average of 17 km per 10 km hatch vs 10 km per 10 km egg if you keep deleting other eggs to get them.

It does totally change the game because now you can farm for the more rare Pokémon in the 10 km eggs.


Honestly I just go gifts that will give me alolan eggs that are from different states ( US person here) otherwise I’ll just open the gifts when I have 9/9 eggs if they’re from my state.


When I get an open egg spot, I open an international present to get a new egg. Then when that egg hatches, I trade it to collect the distance kms towards getting pilot badge.


Nice, thought about doing that. It’s a great way to get that badge faster.

All nine of my eggs are Alolan International. That will change once Gen 4 comes out, but there is nothing in current egg pool that helps me, so I stick with foreign eggs. Last trade I did with my son was like 8000 km for both of us.

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I would add people internationally, I just don’t add people I don’t know personally. It’s my rule for all video games/systems. Honestly if it comes down to it and I’m really pressed to get the pilot badge I have a reserve of international Pokémon that I’ll use to trade before I add people I don’t know.

They drop easily from the pokestops. Get the 9 and just open all the gifts for the day. No more alolan eggs. Still need a geodude and a vulpix… over 30 eggs hatched and not one of those.

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Same here :grin:

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:joy: Currently I am trying to get rid of my 5ks and get 2ks so I am ready for the quest “Hatch 9 eggs” :sunglasses:


Just hatched a Mr. Mime and a Taurus from 7km egg in the gift sent from US by pokefriends.

I just got a Tauros!

Nailed my first ever Kanga! Answered Prayer :pray: :joy:

7KM Egg still provide, no matter how low the percentage is. Perhaps some could call it their Lucky Egg :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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