Players nearby

I can’t find players nearby vosloorus park :tired_face:

Seems you are from South Africa?
I have no idea if there are much players down there…

Yeah it super hard to play the game this way :confused:

I don’t even have friends :confused:

Problems we cannot solve, the only thing could be that there are somebody reading this web and living in your zone.

Apart, the good thing is, there are ways to play this without need of others nearby.
If you like the fighting part, there’s the Battle League, and you can play it without anybody near to you.
There’s only one thing you need others, and it’s the Raids with bigger Pokémon, where you have to fight in society…
Forget this part, and you can enjoy.

I am thinking :thinking: of ways on how to make people play the game

With 2 or 3 phones you could make your own teammates. 2 is a lot easier to manage; but 3 can do more interesting raids.

Once you’ve put in the time and effort levelling up and building some useful teams you can Raid anything except maybe the Legendary Latin and some T5 Shadows on your own using 4 accounts.
I can and have personally tapped away on up to eight devices at once. Six is much more comfortable and four is very easy.


Out of interest @NotanotherKangaskhan how do you manage so many devices at once?

Do you a have carrying device - or just very big hands?

Do you tap sequentially, or all at once? :thinking:

I would think managing that many accounts would be cumbersome. Even just starting them all up would be a time-consuming hassle. And keeping them all charged? Good grief.

But when circumstances have so few other players, it’s practically necessary.

Is that you Kanga?!? :laughing:

I use a flat piece of 5mm 200mm x 4000mm MDF board with some none slip mat stuck to it.
I only need a place to sit and have the board on my lap.
Didn’t take long to work out which way to lay out the 8 devices to fit the finger spread pattern the best.
All were tapped at the same time. You get into a rhythm easy enough. It gets tricky starting new teams if one or more are a bit weak and faint out.
When I got my two split screen devices I only needed 6 devices to use 8 accounts.
I did this and created the extras as I got stuffed around too many times by others agreeing to meet for Raids to not turn up or change plans. I took matters into my own hands.
While your building accounts up to be strong enough it is a bit of work but worth it to play on your own terms. The thing is to not get too attached/invested with all of them as they are only a means to an end.
3 of the accounts belonged to ex Mrs Kanga. I only use 3 others these days as that’s all I need to get the job done.
Over the years I helped many new players do Raids where they couldn’t get into Raid groups as they were regarded as “too low a level to join the established groups”.

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No that’s not me :rofl:
Niantic have shown pictures of that old guy on there socials with feel good stories.
Even though it’s against their ToC. I guess they turn a blind eye as he’s actively out there playing.

I will get some pics of my Raid Board today after work and post it in the anything thread.

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Cynical lesson for kids: If you’re going to break the rules, do so in a spectacular fashion, and the rule-makers will either penalize you or hire you.