Pioneer PoGo Account Login

Just want to verify since I think Google and Facebook Login was just implemented after 2016 so could I say that ALL initial PoGo players have PTC account as their login?

Am I right?



Google login has been available since start. We’ve always had 2 options from the get-go. Many people were just scared for Big Brother Google and didn’t want their google account used, which to this day i still don’t understand.
Connection to facebook is from early 2018 i think (late 2017 perhaps) and PTC linked to google has been around since 2nd quarter this year.


So during PoGo launch, user could just login their Google account without any registration?


Yup. I did. Used my google account since day 1 and never regretted it.


I started before my countries release date, it always had Google registrations. It was actually the more favoured way of registering to Go. PTC usually had crashes or unable to log in to game.

If anything Google is also a Pioneer.


You are right about PTC logins… unreliable sometimes and it is hard to remedy besides it needs you to always key in the password.

Only issue i have had with google is that it rarely sometimes logs out. Which isn’t often. Other than that Google accounts have never had an issue accessing Go.

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Yap, smooth as you go… I even tried unlinking and relinking with different Google address before.

I just hope Niantic will entertain users with orphaned account due to Google address deletion.

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