Pink Shiny Mareep

Hi guys,

Just happen to catch a Shiny pink mareep.
Been Reading about it because he Looks so different.

What to do with it! Evolve?

Your choice, but if it is your only one I would evolve it

But is it gonna be a special one or just the next evolution

It will remain shiny after evolving.
But be warned: Flaaffy doesn’t look much different from the normal one, whereas a shiny Ampharos is pink again instead of yellow.
You can see the them here for example

I also recommend that.

Me and both my kids each caught 2 Shinys. We each evolved 1 to Ampharos and kept 1 as Mareep.

It’s better to evolve as I did because comparing mareep with ampharos there’s a lot of difference
And u will be benefited when mega evolution is launched

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