Pikachu On Vacation

I’m brand new to Pokémon Go and honestly have seen very little of anything beyond Gen 1 so all of this in the game is brand new to me. But, is there a specific reason EVERY Pikachu I’ve caught has sunglasses and a sun hat? Probably going to be asking some absurdly obvious questions in the next few weeks. Sorry I’m advance :upside_down_face:


Yeah, there is. These Pikachus are appearing now because of Pokémon GO’s second anniversary.
Soon they won’t appear anymore.

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Here some other forms of Pikachu which had been accesible in other moments…


Im so glad I redownloaded this app :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You can make friends on hub if you want…

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I definitely will! It’s mindblowing how international the forum is. I haven’t been on one since I used to use RPG forums in middle school.


Yes, we have a large group of moderators, leaders, and regulars. :grin: You will find a normal pikachu in August, because the pikachu is a July anniversary event…

Also, Pichu is in the 2km eggs(the green ones). Same form. And the 2km eggs just take 1km to Hatch.

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Not anymore they don’t.

Pichu or the eggs?

Pichu is still in eggs

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Eggs on my side stil half distance.


They have even after the event when you put them in incubators during the event.

Put them in after the event. But today it’s normal distance again.

Sometimes it needs an app restart to recognize the start or end of an event. I mean client side… so when you restart, it shows everything correctly, because it’s been correct on the server side already… sorry… I’m a software developer… I’ll stop the know-it-all mode now :blush::blush:

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I know some stuff about how it works. It makes sense, but than we can call it an error/bug. Previously the end ment the end. (although I play just since the 18th of June)

Absolutely. It’s a bug.

You dont need to stop the know it all mode
Im also in it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: