Pikachu limited edition

Here we go my first one :wink:

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I caught loads early hours of this morning and upgraded it into raichu with a hat on

I only countered 1 so far. But theres plenty of time still x

Watch out for the Pichu with a hat! It has been confirmed that hatched Pichus will have this hat!


No sign of one here yet. I hope it is more abundant than the party hat Pikachu.

Sweet a new chu to collect like four or more of lol gotta have those special rychus to.

Confirmed hatched ash hat pichu enjoy. :slight_smile:

Got my pikachu…can’t seem to even get a 2k egg to have a shot at the pichu

I got my trifecta yesterday evening, even managed to snag a really good Pikachu to evolve when I ventured out to buy groceries.


Got my first one yesterday and my 2nd this morning.

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I caught multiple Pikachus, no pichus or Raichus yet tho :confused:

Caught another Pikachu today and evolved him into Ash Hat Raichu.

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