Pikachu comes to Yokohama Go fest wearing a hat



And he’s wearing ALL THE HATS!!


The useless storage space takers got tedious after about the 3rd event that featured a different hat.

If the Dinnertime Raid Hour events keep coming, though, I don’t mind if Pikachu goes out with a slice of cheese on its head.

You just got 500 extra storage and you can always choose not to catch.

Never the less, I’m happy with Pikachu’s. :grin:

Being permitted to purchase something isn’t the same as having the coin to buy it; and even being able to afford something doesn’t imply it was bought.

Would it be bad juju to choose to ignore your starter and long-time buddy? Or just bad form?

If I defend my point more than that it will be treating a light-hearted jab as if it were a big deal, though. (A big deal would be something like Niantic suddenly switching our August T5 raid boss from Rayquaza to Regirock…)

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