Pianap berry bug

I was catching an Onyx from a reasearch quest, and when I was about to catch it I remembered I should use a pinap. The onyx had an orange capture ring. But when I used the pinap, the onyx now had a green Capture ring. I got it on a critical capture and got 9 candy. Anyone know what’s going on?

The research quest reward encounters don’t flee. You should be using a Pinap berry with them anyway.

I think that’s why he did use a pinap.
He’s asking about a bug.

He did, he said

Really weird. Hope Niantic won’t fix this bug😂Never seen it unfortunately.


Exactly! I hope I get that bug soon :grin:


That’s a new one for me, hope it stays from now on :grin:


The one time I actually want a bug to happen, other than regular lugia 100% catch date, caught 3 because of that bug.

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