Physical/special split

Do you think a physical/special split would benefit Pokemon go?[poll type=regular]

  • Yes
  • No
    I feel like it would make some Pokemon stronger, and give some Pokemon more interesting weaknesses. For example snorlax and blissey are brilliant special defence walls, meaning that those Pokemon would take less damage to special attacks and more from physical attacks.
    This would also change some Pokemon ideal movesets. Hurricane and hyper beam would lose their current usefulness on dragonite as would fire blast Tyranitar or psycho cut alakazam. Machamp and flareon would become more viable attackers as Pokemon like umbreon start to take centre stage in gym defence. I suppose the problems would be people will still likely vaporeons spam, making steelix less of an option. Umbreon would get destroyed by machamp as would snorlax and blissey. I suppose this would kind of break the balance if the game did add this feature. It might alienate casual players a bit as well if their special moveset Gyarados isn’t quite as strong as it was before. But for the majority of players now - the dedicated fans I feel this would be a nice addition to add a little more challenge.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that if a physical special split was implemented, they may want to move closer to main series stats. Either way I will do a proper thing on that tomorrow.