Phone storage and Pokemon Go

Hi guys,

I have a question about Pokemon Go and phone storage.

I have a Samsung phone, with an SD card inside. My phone’s internal storage is getting full, so I’m looking for ways to clear up some space.

Pokemon Go is currently on my internal storage and takes up a significant chunk of space. I want to move it to my SD card, but I’m wondering if this will affect my gameplay in any way. Will it slow my game down, make me lag more, etc?


Not if your SD card has sufficient space, with some empty room to spare. Just make sure you log back in and everything if you uninstall/reinstall.

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I’ve just made the transfer and so far no issue.

Thank you for your support!

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i am using xperia m4 aqua and every time i try to move Pokemon go to my sd card it says "app could not be tansferred "
any ideas why?
my sd card has 12 GB free but my phone memory is full
i tried uninstalling/reinstalling the game but it did not help