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So my Samsung S8+ died a horrible door to phone death. So I purchased a Motorola One 5G Ace. It will work fine when you are touching the screen then it acts like your not touching it at all.
For instance your in a battle with lets say Venusaur I have two full charge moves, and our bubby Swampert shows up you throw the first Frenzy plant get the last shield throw the other Frenzy plant you can’t make contact with the leaves going by like your not touching the screen hit for nothing basically nothing and get killed. No phone case yet.
This happens a least once a battle. Also It doesn’t like to go to remote gyms very well either. This didn’t happens with the S8. Is this a phone thing? A game thing? I have uninstalled the game reinstalled it same thing. Do I need a different phone? If so what phone? Sorry for long post frustration mounting.

Thanks for any help.

I have a Xiaomi and since the last update of PoGo I have sometimes trouble with remote gyms and as well sometimes I cannot turn around or touch a near Pokémon.
Since the phone allways worked fine I cannot believe it’s a trouble of the phone.
So, maybe yours is something similar with the last version?

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When was the last update? My Samsung died Sunday the 23rd it was fine at that time.

It comes out the days 20 and 21, but I’m shure until last week I have not updated. It was not obligated, but if you have installed it in the new phone, shurely you got the new version.

I have that sometimes as well. I use iPhone SE2. Restarting the app always works for me.

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OK thanks

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