Perfectly Imperfect Dialga

Is 98 dialga with 15/15/14 have same stat with perfect one when lv max?


cp ?

At lv 40 both 98 (15/15/14) and 100 , do they have same stat at lv 40?

Your 97.8% at L40 will still be 15/15/14
A 100% at L40 will still be 15/15/15

At L40 a 100% will be 4038cp
Your 97.8% will be a few cp lower than that. Can’t tell you exact as no one in the Kanga family has a 97.8% to put through Pokie Genie.
One of the Math Wizards on here might post the number.

I only have a 14/15/15 98% Dialga, but according to Calcy IV it can reach 4024, a 15/15/14 might be off by a little bit again

Just guessing I’d expect the 15/15/14 to be some where around 6-8cp less than 100%
I’d still have it. Much better than the 84-87% with pop gun attacks of 10-13 which is all I seem to be able to get from any Raid these days. #Level40Reward

If someone gives me every variable and formula I need I’ll calculate it

Well, i dont know every variable and the formula, but luckilly the internet does so you dont need to :stuck_out_tongue:
You can check it in the database
But TL;DR:

Level 40 15/15/14 = 4029 CP
Level 40 15/15/15 = 4038 CP

The difference is so little it almost doesnt matter.

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Hihihi, have you seen that you have written two times 15/15/15 ???


I did not :sweat_smile:


Max cp 100% at lvl40 is 4038 (15/15/15)
Max cp 98% at lvl40 is 4029 (15/15/14)
Max cp 98% at lvl40 is 4029 (15/14/15)
Max cp 98% at lvl40 is 4024 (14/15/15)


CP doesnt matter if the HP wouldnt make a difference though