Party hat piachu present move?

just curious if the move is any good. I evolved one and he lost it. thanx

Pikachu isnt good anyways, and neither is present

It just looks funny in battles.

In all honesty Pikachu is trash beyond measure. IF niantic was smart they would of given event pikachu a MAJOR buff.

A Legit Major buff so BIGGGG. That Pikachu actually is able to fight blissy/dragonite/tyranitar.

Rn everyone thinks their account is ‚Äúrare‚ÄĚ or gonna be worth something cause they got event pokemon but honestly No1 cares for pikachu other than little kids who watch the anime or my mother who loves pikachu.

To the real trainers IT should of gotten a ‚Äúhacker‚ÄĚ level boost in all stats

and why?

I said why.

So that they can fight Blissy/Dragonite/Tyranitar

Sorta a homage to the strength of anime’s Pikachu

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No, Present is not a great move nor is Pikachu a good Pokémon

Buff a Mon just cause the Pokemon Anime is an inconsistent piece of trash?
Since his Pikachu lost to a level 5 Snivy, maybe he should get heavy nerf