Other 2 Alola Pokemons !?Raichu and Marowak

Where are these Raichu and Marowak Alolans…
Niantic is just Lagging
For every Little things

I think they will be quest or raid exclusive. Somewhere in the future.


No, @vineel, you have a lag of patience. Wait, and you will see them appear…


But when :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:
How long we should wait
Looks like Gen4 Pokemons will be released like
Gen4 fire Event
Starter fire Pokemon for
1 week high Spawn in asia
2nd week high spawn in Europe
3rd week high Spawn in america
Gen4 Grass Event
Starter grass Pokemon
4th week high Spawn in Asia
5th week high Spawn in Europe
6th week high Spawn in america
Similarly all GEN4 pokemons

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Totally not. Just totally not. And even IF, I rather have the first mons of gen 4 instead of the last 2 Alolans.

Rip Africa.


Yeah me too…But my speculation is
Gen4 will be soon more than that 2 Alolas ( Because in game news it is said very long back Marowak will be in raids)But didn’t came still

And there were Gen II before the last Gen I came out… And? What matters is that there are new mon’s to catch and to go on in the way …

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First Alola variant of pokemon are not part of Gen 3, they were a bonus that Niantic gave us.

Niantic is not obligated to give us Pokémon at a certain interval, they have to make a decision on what will benefit this game/their business the most.

Gen 4 at this point is hype and speculation. It might happen soon, it could be months. If it happens before they release Alola Riachu or Marowak does it really have any negative effects to anyone?

Point is you could exercise some patience and just enjoy the game and life, no reason to get worked up over something so trivial.


Couldn’t have said it better @Thorend! Besides if you have all the Pokémon you want/need you can always play other games or do other things.

They are here now