Opinions on the level requirement for raids?

When I saw that the level requirement for raids was 35 I was instantly bummed. I’m only level 25 so it is going to be awhile for me to be able to participate in the part of the update that I was most excited for. Anyone have any guesses to why the cutoff is so high? Anyone else a little bummed that they won’t be able to participate?:confused:

I read into it some more and found that it is probably only temporary, and that they will likely open this part of the game to lower level players.

Oh well how are we explaining this?

Yeah it was already said that the Raid portion of the update was going to take longer to come out for everyone and they were going to have a Beta set up. It turns out that the Beta is just using the level 35+ people. This is a big change that I am sure they would rather take another week or so and make sure it works properly then roll it out to everyone else. The data mine showed the item requirements for some of the raid items were level 15 so I wouldn’t worry at this point


The problem lies in the fact hat Niantic have neither confirmed or denied this level cap. If it does go down so someone like me (level 33) can participate, that’s fine. If it doesn’t, many players will get bored with the gyms very quickly as raids are the main cooperative element in it. Also, if the cap does stay high like that than how will most gain access to a legendary at Chicago (if they are even coming out there).

It’s not permanent, it’s only for the beta testing. The raids aren’t even available in all places regardless of level right now

Also there are raid rewards that unlock at very low levels, so the level requirement is definitely not permanent

I do think there needs to be a level requirement, but lvl 35 is higher than it should be. Maybe lvl 25 or lvl 30 would be a more appropriate permanent range for raids.

I’m sure by starting at lvl 35 they are testing the system using players who have show enough commitment to get there and are unlikely to quit if there are problems with the initial launch. Still a high enough player pool to get the kinks worked out but small enough and dedicated enough that they won’t be overly discouraged if there are issues, plus that group of players will have strong enough Pokémon to see how things shake out against the beasts in the raids.

Adjustments will be made to the gym and raid system, so I hope people give it time to develop.