Opinions on farfetch'd worldwide?

I haven’t seen many people who aren’t excited for this, but I personally would really like to visit Japan someday, and not adding farfetch’d to my dex there would kind of take away from the experience.

I hope we hit it because will probably not be in Japan any time soon. I like these regionals events .

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Travel to Japan is out of the question for pretty much the majority of the earth’s population. I like this idea. And hope we see more events of this nature.

Sadly, my deployments to Japan were long before this game came out…


I’m actually really excited for another dex addition since I know the odds of me visiting Japan in the future are slim. Not to mention if I were to go to Japan, I wouldn’t want to stress over finding a male and female Farfetch’d.

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I understand why Kanghaskhan is an “east Asia” only release during the event, but I really wish they could just release both to the whole world. Australia/New Zealand is almost equally as far (or more, depending on where you start from) away as Japan for most travellers.

It sucks that I already have Farfetch’d in my pokedex; I was hoping to add something new (Kanghaskhan). Better start saving up for my flight to Australia!

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I am the opposite. I was in UK when the safari zone thingy was postponed so I got kanga/unown then. Hyped for farfetch’d (maybe, right now were estimated at about 2.1 billion …

You want to get Farfetch’d while you can because Asia will probably get a new regional in a future generation.

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I’m happy to have any new thing on my dex so I’m down :smiley:

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It will be nice to get rid of the stupid silhouette in my dex.

It’s east Asia. The rest of Asia doesn’t have Ferfetch’d or any regionals

This is partially true. While it’s true the rest of Asia doesn’t have Farfetch’d, parts of Asia (like where I live, Oman) have Corsola. And yes, Corsola is also available across many regions, which means it is not “Asia exclusive” but a blanket statement like saying no other part of Asia has a regional is wrong.

Outside of people in Asia who fall into the region Farfetch resides, only 1-2% of players would be able to travel and get it. This is an awesome reward for players being active and working together toward a goal.

If you visit later, catching one there will still be a special memory. I save Pokémon from all my travels and each one is a special memory.


I save 100 spots in my box for travel Pokemon- Pokemon that are from the small travel I have done lol

@Canadoman that’s true. I’m one of the lucky ones who can obtain 2 regional exclusive Pokemon without travelling abroad. In December 2016, I’ve traveled to Europe and capture my first Mr. Mime so that I have captured 3 out of 6 regional Pokemon until now. Probably Kangaskhan is the next one.