OP mass reporting

So guys i have previously talked about an all out revolt against the spoofers but here is some change to the plan…
First let me tell you that the Spoofer problem we are facing now could have been easily controlled to great extent if Niantic wanted to but we see that they give some stupid app blacklist update which didn’t even last a week and is too easy to bypass.One of the novel ways it could have been solved is through IP location ranging, we all know how Google almost pinpoints our nearest city through IP and we don’t even need to turn on GPS, now if Niantic knows our IP’s so why can’t they make a specific Area for certain IP range going out of which will cause the app to stop or ban spoofers.This could have seriously confined spoofers in their own regions and cross country spoofing would have stopped.Simple enough…

Now the Rise of spoofers is further hightened by youtubers like Fsutal who keep on saying “Cmon guys Niantic will never ban you, just spoof n enjoy”.Now I don’t really know that why Niantic doesn’t ban youtubers like him but im pretty sure that an all out mass reporting of their accounts involving thousands of reporters should seriously have some impact.If Niantic still doesn’t ban them their reporting webpage can be criticised upto an extent that should sure embarass them in front of public.

If anyone is intersested in the operation may take part…

Im not sure how reliable the IP test would be, could have a lot of legit player caught in the collateral. With my GPS it drifts a lot, I imagine others’ do too. With a fake GPS, the signal might be too accurate? Then you could tell who’s spoofing cos the signal is perfectly still. But then I suppose the GPS apps would just update to drift a little… Anyway, I remember a site called spoofer.ch or some such, where you could add spoofers to a list and users would report them regularly. At least I think that was what it was for, it was all in german. But that website is down anyway. Im sure niantic has a list of suspects, maybe stop them from attacking gyms, then everyone wins: legit players decide the gyms, and niantic keep revenue from spoofers

An IP System would easily affect players who never Spoofed before. The only, real solution if for Niantic to take the developers of the apps to court.

Nah actually they can make the app stop if such a drifting happens for too long say 2 mins(i.e spoofers :slight_smile: ) BTW i really doubt that because of drifting you will get out of USA to JAPAN lol.

If Niantic has a list of suspects as @RedShirt said then why is fsutal not in them, ain’t Mystic7 and Trainer tips not enough for the publicity.
That brat acts like some God of spoofers encouraging everyone to spoof which is wrong and even talks about getting past security measures.

Ah I didn’t mean drifting through entire countries haha, but standing still and your GPS drifts naturally a meter one way or a meter the other, it’s suspicious if a player stays at a pinpointand doesn’t drift at all. Maybe they could do it that way? But it’s just an idea, I don’t know much about GPS accuracy and if that’s a viable option.

And the list of suspects (if it exists) would be unreliable if it’s through the reporting page; one of me mates saw a large group of people waiting by a gym, so he parked up in the multi storey car park and joined the raid lobby. They all left and did a private group, and I can only assume they thought he was spoofing. So legit players get caught up once again… :frowning:

Also fsuatl and mystic7 and all the others all annoy the crap out of me, they all spend so long talking about rubbish and take 20 mins to answer the question / subject they put in their video titles.