Only 2 items from pokestops

I noticed it today and if I remember right there were always 3 items. I just want to know that am I the only one who is getting only 2 items from Pokestops? How does it look for you?

It’s not only you,me as well as other players in my area( Germany) have the same issue.
Let’s hope it’s only a bug…

Well, there’s a problem. I read so many times that people are throwing away things, because their bag was full.

Throwing balls, because I need more potions…
I have so many potions, I throw them away for to stock more balls…

Maybe Niantic has read these comments and reacts,

My phone wanted to update pokemon go last night so I did and ever since then, I’ve only been getting 2 items per pokestop…They give 3 items per stop for over a year and now changed to 2? what a joke!

I’m in the US. For the first time, I only received two items from most Pokestops, although one I visited a second time (driving past going the other way), gave me three. Also, gyms that dispensed five items yesterday only gave four today. I hope Niantic fixes this problem.

Yes - had this issue in Australia this morning (about 6hrs ago) but it appears to have reverted to 3 now.

I never noticed any reduction when playing from 1am to 3am in the morning after work.
I’ve just checked the journal and every thing was the normal min 3 items on the way to work at 2pm to 3pm.

Add my voice to people this is happening to, as well as anecdotal reports from players on the facebook groups I belong to.

I am still having this problem but none of my poke buddies are! Any idea how to solve it?

It seems to be an erratic server side problem only affecting a percentage of players. My only advice is to be patient.

Yup I didn’t receive one set of 3 items yesterday this is a joke!

Still no fix for this issue, could be intentional

The fix happened today. So happy as I’m rural and often run out!

I’m on vacation in Jamaica. Only 2 Pokestops and no gyms on my resort. The 2 item drop has been killing me and I’ve barely been able to play.