Old-fashioned idea: (Official) website for Pokémon management

I know that nowadays many people, especially the younger ones, are “mobile only”, but this idea is for those who still have a PC or a laptop and appreciate its possibilities (easier typing, bigger screen, easier switching from/to other programs or websites…), or who are just as old-fashioned as me…

I’d love to see some kind of (Niantic-official of course, I know there are such 3rd party sites!) storage management via a website. One could log in with the PoGo account and browse one’s Pokémon storage and maybe item storage, too.
It wouldn’t need too much functionality.

  • Browse, search, filter, star and unstar
  • renaming
  • transferring
  • healing
  • applying rare candy and TMs
  • maybe powering up
  • building battle parties (for this, battle parties must be saved on the server instead of the device, though)

all those things that don’t require you to walk around or even have any kind of location and that won’t bring XP, whereas evolving would not be possible (we all know Niantic wouldn’t want us to evolve 1000 mons within one Lucky Egg…)

There could also be a nice detail page for every Pokémon that shows the in-game details + its team leader appraisal (of course we’d all prefer the real IVs but, again, this must be Niantic compatible…) in a way that doesn’t need scrolling and tapping.

It might not be a feature everyone would use constantly, but it would make the big purge sessions after Community Days and other grinds a lot easier, as well as building one’s battle parties for the next new raid bosses,… And it would make it easier to manage bigger bags, you know… 2000 and up :wink:


Even though a smart idea, this would cause server crashes, false info for eggs and other things, as well as so many players who do things on a website but does not get transferred to the game. If Niantic could work through these things, that would be epic and I’d use the site every day. Good idea.

I could make a Pokémon website,but not this:

Thats acctually lame.XP or not,its just lame.

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So what would you expect from such an OFFICIAL Niantic-made site?

I bet they wont make a cheat website for their own game.

I like this idea and @Kevin260709 how is it cheating?
It would be very useful.

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Yes,but you dont move or walk,thats the problem.

I’m in a walgreens parking lot in Springfield, MO

Could you explain that further? I just don’t get this reasoning…

I’m thinking about the following scenario: I’ve been on the go catching and raiding for hours and then I come home knowing I’ll have to go through all the stuff I caught and transferring all the trash. Of course this can be done on the phone, we all have been doing this for more than two years.
But it doesn’t require me to walk around outside, it doesn’t even require a GPS signal. I can sit down on my couch or lie in bed to do storage management (appraise, rename, transfer,…).
This has never been cheating, it is part of game, if not they’d have to give us infinite space to store those 2000 Pidgeys and Rattatas we have caught over the past two years…

Since when does transfering Pokemon require walking?