Occupied Gym markers in the Pokémon bag

they have traditionally been blue for me, on more than one occasion i noticed a red one, and it seems to consistently be with the same ‘mon… what gives…?

A known bug, your not the only one.
And Niantic thinks they have enogh trouble with other things, so don’t wait for a solution.

thanks for the quick response. i can breathe again. the only thing i could think was happening was my Pokémon was on fire. and that made me sad

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Hahahahaa, a very rational reeasoning… And it seems that the bug likes especially the red color…

For some reason the bug turns all gym defenders in the middle column red, if you have that same Pokémon in a different column it will be correct.

I have seen the same thing - and yes it seems to always be on the same mon…
I am Instinct, and like you showed, it seems to like me being on Valor… Aaaahhhh… Fire!!!

It would at least be funny if they did it on a fire type?


I think you are right. I’m Team Valor but my “left and right red” is darker than the “middle red”, you can esily see the difference.