Now i have mew2 to!

Finally. I got a random ex pass for a gym where i once dropped a pokemon. And there where 40 players there!


Is this an EX raid that you’ve done, or one that’s happening on the 17th?

I caught it today

Congrats! Is it a good IV?

I think the next EX raids are on 2/22 or 2/23

That one has been powered up, a weather boosted perfect MewTwo is only 2844 and that one is clearly above that number

Its powered and 84 IV and my number one😃

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I caught a 2251 mewtwo which is 14 14 13

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Mew2 weather boosted perfect is 2844 apparently

Thats great @KingQ07

I have 2, ones 2222 CP, and the others 2251 CP.


At least now it’s easier to get passes

Sorry I have to disagree it’s easier to get one unless I’m just one of the unluckiest people on the planet.

I just don’t get one, because most of the raids I do are with the same 2 other accounts only.