Notice received from Niantic

Sometimes I receive a notice from Niantic about new things which have arrived us (I see them as a marker on top of the screen).
But when I try to see them, touching the notification, it dissapear. So I allways can read only the short first line, but never the complete notice.

This morning it was something about new mon’s which I have to be aware of…

Anybody has seen it, or anybody knows how to restore this screens?

Same problem here. I too had that notice, only to not know what it actually fully was. I assume a delayed message for the last batch of Gen III we had but still…annoying.

Yeah, new pokemons are appearing in parks bladiebla. It was an old message. On my Galaxy S6 there is a very small arrow pointing down with those messages. If i manage to hit that i can see the full text.

Many thanks, so I have no reason to be alert (this time)… but really it’s difficult to hit this arrow. Until now I was not able to do it once.

We still got something today…

Not sure if I understand the OP exactly.
I did notice something new on my phone yesterday on the PoGo play screen.
There was a pinky/red dot on my PokeBall. Pressing on that took me to all the latest news releases.
Are these what your referring too?

No, I see it outside of the app, in the screen you have to open from the line of the screen, where are the notifications… lost calls, whatsapp, sms, etc