Not to bothered about Lucky Pokémon

I’m candied up , star dusted up . Why would anyone want bad IV Pokemon filling up storage.

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I am not trading and don’t care neither.

I don’t even want to trade because I want to get everything myself.

I’ve got some powered up bad IV Pokemon that I spent time doing that on because I didn’t know what IV was at the time to trade to my son and he will send same species back because he only cares about high IVs. They are worth a re-roll.

The only cool thing about Luckt Pokemon is the cool backgrounds. Then again, our Pokemon should always have had cool backgrounds.

I always thought the backgrounds were kind of cool.

I always have a stardust shortage so luckys are nice. I had a plan of just instantly trading my bad legendary after every raid with someone who also has a bad one. Not sure if thats viable since older pokemone have a higher chance of being lucky, but i guess it wont hurt to try. Its either transfer the bad one, or trade and then transfer if its still bad or not lucky.

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Currently what I think should be done is to trade same mons with similar lvl’s to make it fair.

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