Not Getting Coins From Gyms

For two days now I have not been getting any coins from the gyms when my Pokémons return after defending the gym. Anyone having same issues?

Most likely you already have gotten your 50 coins max for that day from another pokemon that you just didnt see.
Check the number in the store, memorize it and see if it went up next time you think you didnt get new coins.

Also you can check your Journal (Tap Trainer on the bottom left of your screen - ME - Journal) and scroll down to see wich pokemon game back and if they brought coins with them.


Thank you. I did memorize my balance and the notification shows 50 received but balance did not change from the previous day. Since I had only one Pokemon out in the gym for a few days, I know when it came back. I’ll have to see if that happens again. I have updated the game.

Just keep an eye to out make sure you all are getting your coins. Thanks again, Robdebobrob!

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Sometimes my coin balance doesn’t catch up for a few minutes after my pokemon gets sent back.

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Support said the the same thing. Coins are now coming in normal. Thank you for responding.

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