Normal Types: Are they useless?

So, from what i have seen, in ANY raid boss list, there are no normal types, so why are they ignored, is it because everyone has Machamp’s or Hariyama’s these days, or is it that normal type moves aren’t SE against anything, or is it because everyone puts normal types as gym defenders? Well, it is a bit of all three, but some normal types might have some use later on such as Slaking or Porygon-Z, but Slaking has only Yawn as a fast move, and it is a Splash in a normal type disguise, and Porygon-Z has Hidden Power, which is awesome, but it lacks a two bar or a three bar charge move, so i am going to put a list of decent Normal Types 'mons for Attacking, so here is this list:

Porygon-Z: very high attack stat, and has access to Hidden Power.

Slaking: needs a fast move that does damage.

Snorlax: Now we all know snorlax has a very high stamina, but it has access to a full moveset that is super effective against Gengar, which is Lick/Earthquake, and you might be thinking "but it has an attack of like 150 or 160, but its attack is actually 190, which quite decent, so Snorlax with that moveset is half decent against a Gengar raid boss if it doesnt have Focus Blast, AND it also has a moveset thats good against Giratina, once that comes back, and that Lick/Outrage moveset is SE, and Zen Headbutt is just a move to counter those Machamps.

Maybe normal types will get a buff, or they might just be gym droppers, post your thoughts down below!

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Snorlax, Blissey, and Eevee aren’t useless.


Eevee is

Normal type pokemon are not super effective against anything, so their only place in the meta is as defenders, not as attackers.

Normal types are only weak to fighting type moves, unlike other types that are typically weak to 2-5 different types making them easy to counter effectively.

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Eevee has potential.


In evolution

Where it can get relevant by not being a normal type anymore. :slight_smile:

Normal types itself are only usable as defenders because of the heavy weight of type effectivieness, but maybe Arceus will change this. We’ll see.


Arceus is… Alright
It has high enough stats to be good
However, the problem is its moveset, not even because it doesnt have good STAB options, but mostly because the synchronisation between fast and charge moves is terrible

Ironically, Regigigas has more potential because you can pair some movesets together to make it super-effective against Rock or Ice types. Not STAB obviously, but still. Arceus doesn’t have that at all, making it the ultimate generalist. Still, I imagine it would be a terror in PvP because it would keep everyone guessing.

As an Eevee fan I must disagree and defend Eevee. Even though in PoGo I do agree with you, it’s not that great for battles. Now in the main game I have some great Eevees that are better then some of their evolutions

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When evee evolves it is not useless but then it is not a normal type

No STAB makes normals suck.
Just make them gym droppers or sweepers but don’t expect them to be that good in raids.
But some of them and some upcoming ones are good generalists, Regigigas, Arceus, and MAYBE Slaking, I’ve had some good raids and battles in the past with him and he actually holds up if you have the right moveset.

Blissey and Snorlax are not useless



I think he’s one of the best

I know he may not be that good but he does sweep gyms well

I wouldnt call it a sweep, it takes forever to do anything and when it finally attacks, it isnt even super-effective against the best defenders


They gave snorlax a dragon move with one of the last updates, so that paired with its beefy defense stats might make it useful for PvP :woman_shrugging:t2: Saying that all normal types are useless is a pretty broad statement especially considering many normal types are dual typed.


None of the dual-typed is useful in its second type however