Nominations in Pokemon GO only appear in Ingress, it makes no sense

I asked for several stops in Pokemon GO, Niantic accepted them, but they did not appear. My surprise was that if they appeared as portals in Ingress. What tease is this?

you have answered your own question.

There are set rules when it comes to portals/pokestops, most simple rule: they can’t be to close to each other. This just because some areas would become way too overpowered in PoGo

These rules make total sense. You might disagree but they still make total sense.


How do they make sense though? I know these rules, and i keep them in mind when im submitting a new POI. But what about them is so logical to you? Why have 3 different sets of rules for 3 games?

The POI have different powers in each game - what would be standard in Ingress could give tons of power to the PoGo player that lives there

Rules? What rules? Cell information is provided by Pokemon GO Hub and other media, not Niantic.
Niantic does not report anything when we ask for stops from Pokemon GO. If they were transparent they would put the grid of the S2 cells.

This is a hoax to the Pokemon GO players.

The ammount of POI (Points Of Interest. Pokestops. Waypoints or whatever you wanna call them) in a certain S2 cell… Im not sure why youre asking that… Did you read the article you linked?

1 POI per level 17 cell
every 2nd, 6th and 20th POI becomes a gym.
Those rules.

The community discovered these rules by research, but Niantic made them.
Im not even sure what the reason for this post was. You submitted POI, they got accepted as they probably were good POI but they dont show up in PoGO because they are to close to other POI… Per the rules in the article you yourself linked.

Isn’t Pokémon Go’s cell layout derived from that of Ingress? That sounds pretty Niantic to me.

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as @Necrozmadabest said, 3 games use the same system but with different rules is just because the difference in power for a POI.

The amazing 4 stops on one spot (quadlures as i call them) are seriously overpowered locations. Even more stops are super rare (i know a 5-stop spot in Nijmegen, which is 45 min away from me) and can be gamebreaking IMO. Just watch the video from Brandon Tan where he can reach a freaking dozen stops at the same spot:

Imagine living there and just go there every day? Gief sponsored stuff here 2!

Using the S2 cell system, all Niantic can do is change the cells used for generating stops by just 1, from L17 to L18, and it would completely break the game. So there is nothing they can do, or they need to use an entirely other system then S2 cells.
Hence me saying: the rules makes total sense.

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Well, the place in his video isnt supposed to exsist. If you look it up youll see that there are 7 POI in the same level 18 cell. Then 5, 2 and 2 more in the ones next to it. So if you would remove those extras and convert to level 18 you would be left with 4, maybe 5 POI you can reach from 1 point. Change it to a level 17 and its just gonna be 2 or 4, depending on where the border is.

So i dont think it would break the game. For that to check you need to find a region that actually has 1 POI per level 18 cell. Not this overkill monstrosity :sweat_smile:

I do understand the OP’s frustration, but I also understand the POI rules and why they are in action.

This is only one of many flaws though…
How often have I seen duplicate nominations on Wayfarer, just because Niantic does not make their database accessible somehow.
Pokémon GO players resubmit stuff that has been in Ingress for years (and will never get into PoGO due to the S2 cell stuff). But how are they supposed to know that this POI is already in there?
They could make an Ingress account and use the intel map, sure. This is how I do it and many others I know that take Pokéstop submissions super-seriously.
But even this does not show us ALL POIs in the system! I have had totally eligible submission being accepted that never appeared in ANY of the games, because they were too close to others, even if they were in a totally unoccupied S2 cell.
But they were accepted, they are in the database, and nobody except for the reviewers (when checking for duplicates) will ever see them again.
Once, one of these POIs is in the system it cannot be edited. I can’t be moved, it can’t be named, whatever, because no one can access it any more.
And anybody who tries to submit it again, because “it’s not in there!” will get it rejected as duplicate.


Do they show up in the review screen even when they are not even live in Ingress? I dont think so right? Ive re-submitted something 3 times cause it kept getting approved but it didnt show up in the games cause it was to close to another POI (different level 17 cell though), but it never got rejected for duplicate.

I must admit part of this was more of speculation. My thinking was that when it’s accepted it’s added to the database, no matter what game it gets added to (read: no matter if it ever shows up in any game), just because “accepted is accepted”.

But I might try re-submitting a chapel that I once submitted and that got accepted right away. It never showed up in Ingress, probably because it’s too close to another church (which is a gym in PoGo).
The POI itself is a no-brainer to review: a chapel, well visible on Google maps and it even has it’s name shown on the map. Someone (not me) even submitted a photosphere where it can be seen (the submission was made for the mentioned church).
The only reason this could get rejected is because it’s duplicate. If it’s accepted again, you are right. Not sure when I’ll find time for this, but I’ll try. Maybe I can move it a bit so that this time it would at least end up in the games…

Anyway… a Wayfarer map, which is accessible for all those who can submit POIs, would be a nice thing to have.


I repeat, rules? What rules? Niantic never mention S2 cells or that several stops cannot be in the same cell in the information that Niantic gives:

· Submitting a PokéStop Nomination
· What makes a high-quality PokéStop?

They are not rules, it is information that someone has found out and shared with others.
Niantic talks about the proximity of the stops, but it’s a lie. Now I know that 4 stops can be very close if each one is in the nearest corner.

I spent MY time asking for stops, Niantic responding that they were approved and I seeing that they did not appear. Again and again.
I spent MY time reviewing stops at Wayfarer I seeing that they did not appear. Again and again.
I finally asked Ingress players and they told me it was about the cells. Cells? I searched and I found the information in the Pokémon GO Hub article.
I feel cheated.

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Then you probably haven’t had a random reason why a nomination was rejected yet.

Easier than a map would be that when we submit the stop, Niantic add the S2 cells on the displayed map, and warning us when we ask for a stop in a cell that already has a stop.

But above all, that Niantic explains well how the request for stops works with S2 cells and stop wasting our time. At the end of the day we are doing free work: without the players there would be no stops or gyms.


Niantic doesnt share those rules the same way Niantic doesnt share anything about backend information. The community discovered these rule by trial and error. But Niantic made them.

Call it whatever you want. Rules, information or whatever. This is how it is. This is how it works. S2 cell information has been arround waaaaaaaaaaay longer than wayfarer.

You wanna rant about how Niantic suck at giving instructions and makes a stupid game mechanic doomed to fail and cause confusion because of different conditions for different games, then just say that. Your entire post is as confusing as their own systems.

I’m a little bit tired…
If you don’t have read the rules for submision, there is no reason to reclaim…

First: “I don’t like the rules”
Well, so we can discuss the rules, to see if there is an alternative.

Second: I don’t know the rules. Well, … not much to discuss.

Third: I know the rules, but I don’t like them. Here we start, maybe we find an altenative solution.

But plesae, don’t think we are genious, nor we are of Niantic.

Before Wayfarer, Pokemon GO players could not submit stops. Did the information about S2 cells exist? Yes, but many Pokemon GO players, including me, did not know or care.
Just as Niantic ended up adding appraisal system for pokemon, I hope it ends up putting the information of the S2 cells in the game, at least when we submit pokestops.


I use IITC (ingress intel) with a pogo s2 cells plugin and let it show my location so that I know if it’s worth submitting it for pogo.

My regional city has grown from 69 gyms (late 2017) to 116 gyms now.

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I absolutely second this recommendation - it makes successful submitting so much easier. I have gained our small city 18 stops so far (more than doubled the original number) and turned some into gyms by this. And according to the free S2 cells there’s still quite some potential…
It does not help with POIs too close to others though, or at least I have not yet found out how :neutral_face:

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