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No way, I was the first in the world to get shiny natu!

Yep or @Mapman42 is it :rofl:

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I put it in a gym yesterday.

Yep, what do you think about the shiny of natu?

I like it because Natu is a pretty common Pokémon. Niantic really should add more shinies of common Pokémon.

SHINY LAPRAS :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


ok, thanks for explaining

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I found a female shiny Bulbasaur yesterday while out spinning for gifts and tasks.



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Anyone else find shiny Natu yet? a raid friend found Sunkern!
I found two Wingull, female on Saturday and male on Sunday.
Likely will trade the male to my husband and he’ll give me one of his 5 shiny Plusle.

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The dominant male :rofl:


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