No Pokecoind when my pokemons returned from defeated gym

Yesterday I put on 3 different gyms my 3 pokemons

my first snorlax returned and gave me my 49 coins but my other two didn’t and is already passed almost 1 hour since they returned, how i can do ?

You can only get 50 coins per day (0:00:00 to 23:59:59). Snorlax got you 49 and some other pokemon, before it, got 1. So all the other gets you 0 coins. Only after 0:00:00 June, 8 you will get coins from returning pokemon, until you get 50.

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Oh, so just 50 each day , it doesn’t work if i put all my deck in many gym the sme day i can get many coins then.
Thank you

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