No New Gym Badges?

I’ve now visited, spun and placed in 3 separate gyms and have yet to receieve a gym badge. What gives?

Same here, spun a foreign team’s gum - no badge. Too lazy to go out somewhere else…

Arrived at a gym, valor already had two Pokemon in it. The Charzard in the gym had lost motivation already so I fed it a berry. I put my blissy in the gym and then fed her a berry and spun the gym disc. It gave me a badge first try!!!

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I just had a badge pop up on mine out of the blue like a hour after I left the gym lol

I got lots of badges. From different actions: spinning, putting in a mon. From feeding I don’t remember.

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Visited five

gyms and spun the disc . Placed a mon in one gym and defended for 22minutes. I now have 5 badges and the one I placed a mon in has a progress time bar on the badge. I wonder if I manage to get back in that gym my time bar will progress or will it reset back to zero?

I got badges and a raid pass from spinning

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I got badges from each gym disc I spun.

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It’s not a time bar. From what I can tell it represents how many actions you’ve taken at that gym. Placing, battling, and feeding all make that meter go up and eventually the badge levels up (gets a different color frame)


Over here you can find more information @dorofo:

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Thanks @SkyBato that makes more sense. There’s a lot to take in with the new gyms and raids. It’s like starting a new game and learning everything afresh.

Thanks @Cirithungolem I’ll check it out more thoroughly. I only skimmed through this before.

Another interesting article about gym badges: