No new EX-passes?

Did anyone get an invite for the next EX-round? Didnt hear anything yet and they should have gone out last night, according to the schedule we had for the past months.

It makes sense if they stopped considering the week 2 bonus (Deoxys in 5 star raids) and it might mean we get a new EX-boss soon. Just want to be sure.


no passes here either. The whole Ultra bonus / Deoxys in regular T5’s explains a lot.

Still annoying to do 30 suicune raids, several other Ex gyms during yesterdays dinner hour, and then get stiffed… Maybe 2night?

I have a pass for tomorrow, day 23

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Passes this week went out a week or more ago. (I have one for this afternoon.) We seem to have no new invitations going out this week.

Whatever Niantic’s rationale for the pass gap, it gives a clear delineation between the long time with Deoxys as EX boss and the week where it will be a regular raid boss. Plus it gives us a chance to clean our palates between bosses, to borrow a wine-tasting metaphor.

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Passes, for August 30th here. 1 location

I did, but I dont want an extra Deoxys, especially when its already announced to be in regular raids

Jup we got them now aswell. I guess they did it because of raid hour yesterday…

I got mine 5am this morning as expected.
It’s Friday for us.

Just got an EX invite for a week from today. Unless a work conflict comes, I plan to do the raid, even if only for the bonuses (golden razzes, XP, stardust, and possible TMs and rare candy).

Does that mean you plan to skip the EX raid to which you got invited?

I’ll see, maybe not since I wont have anything to do during that time and some extra RCs are always neat

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I got my very first EX raid invitation for participating in a raid at an EX raid gym on Suicune Day! And I will be able to go there! :star_struck: :tada:


Made my Ex-Raid two hours ago. Everything ok, but have seen an effect never seen before.

The Raidtime begins, you enter, and there are 20 players inside. The local players told me that’s normal, all flyers, we wait until they finish and after this we enter.

Once the 20 had gone we entered, and now ‚Äúonly‚ÄĚ 8 flyers were there, so we could enter and play.

And on the way back I was happy to catch a Whismur… until it changed into a Ditto.

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You could just start a private lobby so you dont have to wait for the spoofers to start.

Quite right, but I was the person from outside, so I accepted their behavior.

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Turns out we got 11 locations triggered for the 30th. The combination of raid hour and raid day is very noticable cause lately its been around 7 everytime.

Bit of extra work for me, but atleast the comming raid hour was announced upfront this time so i could combine the work on them for our Raid bot. I think i actually saved time compared to last few weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

Raid bot?

A bot in Telegram. You can tell it when and where a certain raid will be. Then share it to a Telegram channel. Other people in our city then see there is a raid scheduled and they can say if they are going to come, how late, with how many people, what team they are and what level they are.

Its really very usefull. Everyone can make raids levels 1 - 5. The special ones like EX, raid hour or raid day need to be added by the admins though.

I did it! My first EX raid ever! :star_struck: :trophy: :tada: I arrived early and managed to take over the gym for my team. About 20 people came to the raid. We finished it quickly and I got my first Deoxys (Speed Forme). And it has great IV!


Congrats for the first! :+1:

Looks like IV is 84, which is pretty good.